Nah They Ain’t Ready

Y’all act like you want to talk about it But y’all aint ready for the truth The reason we are hated and hunted Devalued and misled from youth Mankind’s forsaken children God’s chosen few Still searching for the land of Milk n Honey Trying to escape Babylon’s noose The history has been hidden From Jerusalem to the Egyptian Sphinx The creators of the greatest civilizations Ancient Romans, Italians, and Greeks All marveled and mirrored the images Until envy and greed reached its peak See We were once called Moors and Held in the highest regards Feared and respected for intellect … Continue reading Nah They Ain’t Ready

Grown Kid Generation…we gotta grow up!!

Always Expecting something for nothing Content with a life on welfare Spoiled by masters oppressive arms To keep you enslaved and unaware EBT, Housing, Medicaid, and Child Support All a separate shackle for each metaphorical limb. The compromise is Give up hope, be ignorant and stagnate and we will provide. We only require your soul in return, not to mention your spirit and pride The deal with the devil isn’t always accompanied with fortune, riches, or fame A promise of a life void of accountability Is considered a treasure or a valuable gain By those who have been programmed and … Continue reading Grown Kid Generation…we gotta grow up!!

I Need That

I Need That That can’t breathe if I’m not with you Can’t sleep if I’m not near you Kind of Love That fast pace, heart rate elevating kinda love. That kind of love that just won’t wait for morning So her beauty visits me in my dreams Making me miss the warmth of her smile Amongst many of tender things That love that makes me want to be better Inspires me in all I do I need her to need me As the earth needs the Sun and Moon I Need You Continue reading I Need That

Wake Up My Ninjas Wake Up….

Keep your eyes looking towards the future Thinking of the greatness that could be I remember plans to change the destined future but life’s changes makes things harder than what they should be Can’t lose focus or fall victim To all the negativity Remember you were chosen Don’t catch a case of forgotten identity Many fools you encounter will speak with false knowledge Some whom may even be considered kin to thee Hold no grudges and offer words to enlighten A better path for them and their seeds to see These worldly things we hold to heart Start to drown … Continue reading Wake Up My Ninjas Wake Up….

We all get emotional…Don’t front, men cry too

We can sit and contemplate on who truly cares and who is there to see us progress or who wants to see our downfall or we can go.Just go and be around those who only wish for our success and wellbeing. You can feel the negative energy in the air every time you walk through the doors of some places.The feeling is one of the life being sucked out of you or the equivalent to running a 25k right after doing the Px90 workout without breaking a sweat. It’s almost depressing anticipating an inevitable return to such a dismal existence. … Continue reading We all get emotional…Don’t front, men cry too