The Mission

I dont wanna be the center of attention The one that you’re always missing Or the one you always mention When you start reminiscing Its not my intention But if it’s meant to be Then it isn’t my decision Too keep on fighting off These feelings im feeling You see my intuition Is trying to tell me That ive been given A chance to make some sense of this life That I’ve been living Put me in position But im struggling Cause my senses Keep on telling me my wishes Are indiscriminate visions Im needing an intervention Or maybe a … Continue reading The Mission


She said, “I’ll always be there for you.” I replied, “Always dont always mean forever.” She said, “I’ll never forsake you just trust me on this.” I replied, “Trust is to be earned and words are merely sound. Your intentions are shown by your actions.” She said, “I’ll never stop loving you, you’re all my heart desires.” I replied, “Desire changes like the North Dakota winds and love…well love is a feeling that I’ve found isn’t guaranteed unless that bond is bonded by blood.” She said, “Damn, what i gotta do to make you believe me.” I replied, “Stop talking … Continue reading Worthy


Happiness is not found in the perception that others have of you. It is not found in the material things that you collect while here on this earth. It will not be found in achievements or accolades. You wont find it in the bottom of a bottle or in the haze of smoke you cloud your mind with. Not even the love of all those you hold near and dear will always make you truly happy. We often try to overcompensate with relationships and addictions that we think will complete us or help us overlook whats really holding us back … Continue reading Happiness

That Energy

I can tell you need Some love and affection Its your energy that’s hittin me I can feel the connection A gentle touch Some intimacy To cause your souls resurrection Don’t worry luv This fin to be The best thing since Obama’s election I plan to be a willing captive in your world Already captivated by your perfect imperfection My queen will never have to request the presence of her King in her court. You are, and always will be The most important piece on the board And for that my loyalty must and always will be eternally and undoubtedly … Continue reading That Energy


I find myself trapped in this paradox Wondering just where i fit in Fighting so hard to be judged by the content of my character Yet still only judged by the color of my skin Working day and night to prove that Im worthy Worthy of freedom Worthy of self expression Worthy of respect To only be minimized to an adjective 400 years and aint nothing changed yet Black Yes Black I am Yes Black i will always be And yes I am black and proud But Im sick and tired of being sick and tired Of being just another … Continue reading Trapped

Nah They Ain’t Ready

Y’all act like you want to talk about it But y’all aint ready for the truth The reason we are hated and hunted Devalued and misled from youth Mankind’s forsaken children God’s chosen few Still searching for the land of Milk n Honey Trying to escape Babylon’s noose The history has been hidden From Jerusalem to the Egyptian Sphinx The creators of the greatest civilizations Ancient Romans, Italians, and Greeks All marveled and mirrored the images Until envy and greed reached its peak See We were once called Moors and Held in the highest regards Feared and respected for intellect … Continue reading Nah They Ain’t Ready

Grown Kid Generation…we gotta grow up!!

Always Expecting something for nothing Content with a life on welfare Spoiled by masters oppressive arms To keep you enslaved and unaware EBT, Housing, Medicaid, and Child Support All a separate shackle for each metaphorical limb. The compromise is Give up hope, be ignorant and stagnate and we will provide. We only require your soul in return, not to mention your spirit and pride The deal with the devil isn’t always accompanied with fortune, riches, or fame A promise of a life void of accountability Is considered a treasure or a valuable gain By those who have been programmed and … Continue reading Grown Kid Generation…we gotta grow up!!